Advanced Weapons and Gadgets for CRPF

The CRPF, which is India’s most significant central armed police force, has changed many of its operating procedures. The central reserve police force functions directly under the ministry of home affairs. The primary role of the CRPF is to assist states and union territories in police operations. To maintain law and order and counter-insurgency, the rapid action force and commando battalion for resolute action cobra are specialized wings of the CRPF to deal with the riots and left-wing extremism or insurgency and to deal more effectively with terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. The paramilitary force is now equipped with advanced weapons and modified gadgets under the new standard operating procedures.

Over the years, the CRPF has changed many of its operating procedures regarding convoy, movement, and terror. Encounters, according to top CRPF officials. The changes were made in response to lapses discovered by force during the attack, which lost 40 personnel in the 2019 pajama terror attack, to deal with any future such attack. The paramilitary force is now equipped with advanced weapons as per the new standard operating procedures. Fast tags are to be used to check unauthorized entry of vehicles in convoy and CCTV has been installed at toll gates to check vehicle movement according to the new procedures.

Convoys will only move together on pre-determined days and convoys will not always take the same route, and multiple vehicles will advance at the same time. In addition to the changes made to prevent similar terror attacks in the future, the union home ministry has begun an air courier Service for central armed police forces, personnel arriving in Jammu and Kashmir to begin their duties, advanced weaponry and gadgets. When the attack occurred three years ago, the CRPF had up to level three bulletproof jackets. Now level four has been added to it. The CRPF’s vehicles and helmets have also advanced helmets, which were up to level three, were now getting replaced with level four bulletproof helmets, which have been given to soldiers deployed in Jammu and Kashmir. Bulletproof and sherpa vehicles are also available to withstand heavy assaults and even close-range bullet fire from a few meters away without penetrating and injuring the soldiers inside.

In the event of an attack, these camps have a three-tiered defense system. Craft camps are outfitted with CCTV cameras and manned by heavily armed soldiers. Soldiers performing critical tasks requiring constant vigilance will be required to work in strict shifts the shift. The timing of the road opening party, which aids movements by providing security and ensuring route safety and security, has been reduced. The party, which consists of a large number of heavily armed soldiers, works one shift and then rests before deploying for the next.
Furthermore, drivers and soldiers deployed in vehicles leading the convoy have limited time shifts and must wait a sufficient amount of time before starting another shift.

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