After Aukus..What Is India’s Option To Counter China?

China’S ascent and the misgivings it has sparked in Asia and the west now have prompted a cohesive reaction in the indo-pacific region. As we all know, the new trilateral military alliance orcas were introduced to the world, which consists of an English-speaking club of democracies. This characteristic can potentially provide additional clarity and impact due to the trio’s shared common history and culture. However, this core grouping opposing china’s growth excludes two geopolitically crucial clusters: Asian democracies in the indo-pacific, especially India, japan, and south Korea to the east and France and the European Union to the west. On the other hand, after years of experimenting with forming a security corporation, the indo-pacific quad, which includes India, japan, the united states, and Australia, opted to focus on geoeconomics rather than geopolitics. In its response to china, the leaders have put forth ambitious initiatives, which include ending the covid 19 pandemic, promoting high standards of infrastructure, combating the climate crisis, partnering on emerging technologies, space and cyber security, and cultivating next-generation talent in all countries.

So after the first face-to-face summit on September 2021, the quad leaders decided to clearly concentrate on those key areas which are excellent. But the question is: is India and other Asian democracies like japan and south Korea comfortable with the two-tact arrangement? The answer is probably not, so what has to be done, particularly on the security front, to reliably discourage china? Clearly, another layer of security collaboration in the indo-pacific is required to be firmly marshaled by those nations in the west, primarily the European Union and the Asian democracies to the east, who have been left out of orcas India, due to its strategic location in the indo-pacific, can naturally take The lead in establishing a have not security cooperation to the west. India must establish ties with France as the entry point to an unprecedented and comprehensive security partnership with the European Union.

France has already reached out to India after being left out of the orcas. Recently, the two leaders discussed collaboration in the indo-pacific region and the important role that the India-France partnership plays in promoting stability and security in the said region; notably, the leaders agreed to maintain close and regular consultations in the spirit of bilateral strategic partnership. French President Emmanuel Macron talked with Modi, specifically on deepening and strengthening an existing, unique military partnership between India and Paris. The increased Chinese warship patrol alarms India and France, so both have shared interests in the region, and both can work more effectively together to compete with china. Moving east and into the pacific, India is well placed on building a real multi-track strategic cooperation with two important Asian japan and south Korea, which isn’t afraid of sharing and co-develop military and related technology.
India must strengthen ties more with Asian democracies and France in order to challenge china.

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