Best Health Guide During Examination.

The exam periods for each and every students is usually a stressful period, which makes the students to focusing only on studies and forgetting their own health. It must maintain their body healthy and mind stress-free.

Students are suggested to follow these tips for staying healthy, and positively these ideas make you find your own ways of staying healthy which results in reaching expectation level in your exams.



Best Health Guide During Examination.
Best Health Guide During Examination.

Students used to give more priority for studies than preparing their meals and may even survey only by eating in habitual foods like burgers, coffee, pizza, and so-called junk foods.

We know that these foods contain very few nutrients and really slow you down, finally, it makes you focus on studies harder.

So, it always better to consume home-cooked meals. In other ways, students can do shopping and cooking duties with their parents who also have exams, as their relaxation periods.

Students can follow the tips given below for balancing their diet.


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  • Consume more brain foods like whole eggs, berries, green vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish and fruits.
  • For providing steady energy eat smaller meals, and it’s better to avoid the  heavy meals as it leads to more lazier and sleepy.
  • To maintain steady blood sugar try to avoid high sugar and high fat snacks.
  • Consume water / coconut water, milky drinks, herbal teas to stay always in hydration.


  1. During the exam times, students used to skip their usual exercise activities in order to spend more time in Studies.
  2. Scientists says that exercises leads to promote blood flow around the body, mainly it includes the brain. Its more important to consider that, these exercises can help people in avoiding dementia.
  3. So it is clear that a regular workout can actually be helpful during exam periods.

 It’s better to do the following basic exercises each day it includes

  • walking, cycling, jogging, staircase walking, or anything else which promotes blood flow and help your body for a relaxing mind.
  •  It’s also suggested to exercise during studies while you are having a hard concentrating times.


  • Usually, students will study until late at night for a couple of weeks before the exams to pass it.
  •  It’s always important to get enough rest for maintaining optimal brain function.
  •  Plan a time when you want to go to bed, and a lot at least 1 hour before your scheduled bedtime for relaxing.
  • It’s better to take a bath, Go through your social media, look some YouTube videos, or do anything else you like but it should be other than studies.
  •  You should not have any problems sleeping because your mind has already exhausted.
  •  It’s better to do some basic exercise though doing some exercise as it will help you to fall asleep faster.


Do remember, staying healthy is not just exercising and eating healthy foods.

During the intense periods of exams level of stress are higher and results in changing ourselves, we might also stop to look ourselves.

  • Its really hard for students to stay calm and feeling relax during exam periods, as for some students a little stress will lead them not to focus on their studies.
  • The following tips will really help you to stay calm and away from stress.
  • It’s suggested to start revising early and organize to manage your studies. It will help you to earn confidence as the exam approaches.
  • Make yourself distracted while you feeling overwhelmed, during that time you should do some things to relax your mind, whatever it may be.
  • Students should not compare yourself with your classmates as it makes you depressed.
  • If it did so, can cause you to panic. Manage your schedule regularly to avoid unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  • On the night before each exam, it is much better to relax and go through once on a few topics rather than learning a new thing.


  • For the students during busy exam times it is easy  for them to forget or neglect drinking water regularly.
  • It is a must hydrate our body regularly at least once for every hour, if it not so it will end up with a headache.
  • Further regular hydration helps for better blood regulation.


  • Students used to consume caffeine while preparing for exams for refreshing, but it provides you with an energy boost for a  very short time, later it can make you feel jittery, nervous, anxious.

 It depends on how much caffeine your body can tolerate.

  • Remember that, you have planned to take rest before your exam, but consuming high caffeine can be the only reason why you can’t sleep the night before the exams.
  • So, it’s better to have 2/2.5 cups of caffeine per day.

Following these suggestions will surely makes you to feel changes on yourself.

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