Brahmos Missile’s New Version Has Been Successfully Tested

India successfully tests a new variant of the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile. According to a statement issued by the defense, research, and development organization drdo, the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile with enhanced indigenous content and improved performance were successfully tested. The missile was test-fired from the integrated test range in Chandipur using new indigenous technology, including the control system. Earlier, on January 11th, the drdo successfully test-fired an advanced c2c variant of the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile from the Indian navy’s ins. Visakhapatnam warship, the indo-Russian joint venture, has been fine-tuned with a modified indigenous control system to enhance capability.

The Philippines has also agreed to acquire Brahmos cruise missiles from India for its navy. On January 14th, the Philippines confirmed Brahmos aerospace, private limited’s offer to deliver a shore-based anti-ship missile system acquisition project for its navy. President Rodrigo duterte of the Philippines also inked to deal with Hyundai heavy industries of south Korea to build two corvettes for the philippine navy. India is in advanced discussions to sell the Brahmos missile system to numerous nations, including Vietnam and the united Arab emirates, as well as Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, and South Africa. Brahmos is the primary armament system of Indian navy warships, and it is installed on nearly all of the Indian navy’s surface platforms.
An underwater version is also being created,, which will be available for export to friendly foreign nations and employed by Indian submarines.

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