France Accepts India’s Offer To Build Helicopter Engines

Regarding regional geopolitical developments, defense minister Rajnath Singh stated that manufacturing defense equipment in India is a top security priority. The defense minister said in an address at the annual convention of the Federation of Indian chambers of commerce and industry that most of the countries in the world are friends of India, including the US, Russia, and France. He conveyed to the US, Russia, France, and Many of its partner countries that the Indian armed forces require military platforms and equipment to deal with myriad security challenges. It had to be manufactured in the country during his extensive conversations with his french counterpart Florence pali. His discussions aimed to persuade french defense firms to either collaborate with Indian firms or manufacture in India. In response, a major french defense company has agreed to manufacture an engine for a military platform in India as part of a joint venture with an Indian company under the strategic partnership model.

A move aimed at increasing defense cooperation between the two countries, the french defense, major Safran, and the state-run Hindustan aeronautics limited – are in talks to jointly and indigenously manufacture a new engine that will power India’s plans to develop its medium-weight military helicopters. The new engine will be made under the strategic partnership, which will involve technology transfer, and in the coming years, these new rotary aircraft will be used to replace the Russian mi 17 transport helicopters. Mi17S are built at Kazan, helicopters, a subsidiary of a state-owned helicopter design and manufacturing company called Russian helicopters. According to sources in the defense and security establishment, the engines will be manufactured to power various types of medium-weight helicopters. That hall is developing to meet the demand of its three services: the air force, navy, and army.

The hall currently manufactures the LCH light, combat helicopter, and multi-role all-advanced light helicopter. Besides, according to defense sources, the chetak choppers IMRH is the driving force behind India and France’s collaboration. Hall is working on a 10-ton, IMRH Indian multi-role helicopter to replace all imports of medium-lift helicopters. In the next decade. The helicopter will be powered by twin engines and will have a folding blade option for ship deck operations.
The intended roles of IMRH are to support air assault, air transport, combat logistics, combat search and rescue, and casualty evacuation operations. This helicopter is designed to replace the various variants of Russian mi 17 helicopters, which are the workhorse of the Indian air force’s medium transport. Fleet mi17 helicopters can carry a maximum load of 13 000 kilograms flying at a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The earlier versions of these helicopters will be phased out, starting around 2028, with the latest version, the MI 17 VE5 inducted in 2011. Being the last to be phased out, the MI 17 VE5 is a top-of-a-line series.

The last batch of the chopper was delivered to India in 2018. According to the sources, the hall is considering a helicopter that will have more endurance than the mi 17s and will be used for various operations such as transport, VVIP, travel search and rescue and other more private contributions. The defense minister expressed confidence in the private sector’s ability to deliver on India’s plans to become a net exporter of weapons, saying it already accounts for 95 of military exports, which the government encourages. At the moment. India’S defense and aerospace manufacturing market is worth 85 000 crores.

He said it would reach one lakh crore by 2022. The defense minister said when I talk about India beyond 75. India’s defense and aerospace manufacturing market will be worth 5 lakh crore by 2047.
The current contribution of private firms is 18 000 crore, which is expected to grow exponentially. According to the current situation, the private sector’s contribution to the future five lakh crawl market will be more than one lakh crawl.

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