Greek Solutions Party Condemned Pakistan’s Deputy Speaker Over Anti India Remarks

Pakistani leaders are constantly spewing venom against India. A similar incident occurred in the European country of Greece on Tuesday with a powerful political party. Greek solutions expressed displeasure with the deputy speaker of the Pakistan national assembly, Qasim khan Suri. For his nasty remarks against India. Greek political groups have harshly condemned Islamabad, claiming that Islamabad is engaged in a delusion of anti-India hatred.

The party asserted it was illegal. Greece’S political party claims that caste organizations in Pakistan are killing minority communities indiscriminately, while Pakistani leaders are spewing hate speech against India’s statement issued by the greek solution. According to the party, Kasam khan Suri and his countrymen in Greece staged an unprecedented coordinated challenge on greek soil. The greek political party called Suri’s rhetoric a direct threat to greek national security. The party demanded that surrey be declared an unwanted person immediately and his allies should be found and deported.

The statement went on to say that when jihadist elements are being identified in Greece, the greek government can no longer pretend to be blind-eyed. Such radical rhetoric is hate speech that can jeopardize Greece’s relations with friendly India. Greeks will not tolerate Pakistan’s hate speech against their friend India at any cost. Surrey has carried out an organized challenge on greek soil with the citizens of his country living in Greece, and now they are constantly spreading anti-India propaganda. You

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