Importance Of The Reading of Newspaper

Reading of newspapers cannot be overemphasized for success in the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

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Importance of newspaper

While preparing for UPSC exams , one should have learn standard NCERT textbooks and reference books, along with newspapers which provides you for studying the current affairs which is a crucial component of the questions present in the IAS exam question papers.

Candidates should be aware of, it is not necessary to read the whole newspaper in detail as part of your IAS preparation.

There are some do’s and don’ts which should be followed while preparing, were given here.

First of all, the most recommended newspaper for the preparation of the  IAS exam is ‘The Hindu’.

Under each section of the news , it is recommended to learn the following news.


  1. To know the government press conferences in which policies-schemes-reforms are announced.
  2. To know the important bills in the Parliament.
  3. To know the achievements of the ruling party through the advertisements This makes a list of the developmental schemes and their provisions. So that you will get know which ministry deals with what schemes.
  4. To know the election-related news, one of it is reforms by the Election Commission.
  5. Focus on the news related to the Constitution, amendments, and more.
  6. It is must to know Supreme Court/High Court verdicts.

To know the parliamentary debates.

Do not focus on:

  1. It is not necessary to aware of press conferences by political parties.
  2. Lost parties in the by-elections, and more.


  1. To know the implications of an event in national level.
  2. In case, if there is a massive railway accident, look on to why it happened and how the country is managing the situation.
  3. It is not need to remember the precise number of deaths.
  4. The same things can be followed for all natural calamities and have to know the geography behind those cases.
  5. ISRO related news are important – any scientific developments in the country

Do not focus on:

It is not need to know the political news like, blames of opposition parties for taking bribes, etc.


  1. Government press releases related to SEBI, Planning Commission, RBI, banking reforms, and also reforms in the economy, agriculture, industry, and more.
  2. Business affecting  news by -NASSCOM, ASSOCHAM
  3. To know the Indicators like GDP, CPI, IIP, etc.
  4. It is required to know the reason behind it and absolute number is not much important.

Do not focus on:

The nitty-gritty of the share market.


  1. Visit’s of the Prime Minister and the President from all over the world to India.
  2. On such bilateral visits, the treaties and agreements signed.
  3. To know the International organisations – UN, ASEAN, WHO, IMF, etc, about their reports/publications.
  4. Role of India in those international organisations should be learn.
  5. Major political events occurred India and also in other countries that have possible international ramifications – a military coup, uprisings, and further.


  1. To know the climate change or global warming news In all places.
  2. To know the news related to environment and ecology.
  3. Major developments in the science fields under science and tech news
  4. To know the news about any endangered species, or any species becoming extinct.

News to be avoid for the preparation of  UPSC exam

  • Entertainment news.
  • Sports news unless it is your hobby mentioned in the DAF. Provided if the news is related to polity – administration, you should get known of it.
  • States news only it has national-level implications.
  • Preparation for the UPSC interview, regional news is avoided.
  • Avoid all ‘masala’ news.

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During preparation days, candidates should not be recommended to spend 5-6 hours every day just to read a newspaper.

At first, let us know the layout of The Hindu newspaper.

  • Page 1: About the Headlines of newspaper-one read recommended
  • Pages 2-5:regional news -can be skipped
  • Pages 6-8:  State News -can be skipped
  • Page 9: National News -Important
  • Page 10: Editorial Page- most Important
  • Page 11: Op-Ed page most Important
  • Pages 12-13: news in general -one read recommended
  • Page 14: World affairs – one read recommended
  • Pages 15-16: trends, growth parameters, fiscal and monetary policies, socioeconomic issues, etc. -important
  •  Page 17 and rest: Sports etc. – can be skipped

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  • Before starting preparation, be aware of the UPSC syllabus so that you know what topics to be read in the newspaper.
  • Read only the exam-relevant articles and avoid your hobbies.
  • Focus on your goal rather than your interest while reading the newspaper.
  • Make notes which should be crisp and relevant.
  • It is a must to know an issue’s positive and negative sides in editorial sections.
  • Try to classify the news you learned under categories like geography, polity, economics, environment, ecology, science and technology, which helps you make notes and ease your preparation.
  • Avoid reading the newspaper in traveling, but you can read the notes made use of the publication.

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  1. This an amazing tip which can bring a great trick for cracking civil service. I agree that the Newspaper is a medium for gathering the latest information. I read daily to get information and improve the way of prostrations the thing I have to express.


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