Imran Khan’s Political Career Appears To Be Over

Imran khan’s political career appears to be over as the tug of war between the government and the army intensifies, which is driven by the appointment of a new head of the country’s spy agency ISI, as all civilian governments in Pakistan rely almost entirely on the army’s goodwill. The Pakistani army is now dissatisfied with prime minister Imran khan. According to the sources, tensions between Imran khan and army chief general kama Javad Bajwa are at an all-time high, and now that the military is plotting to depose prime minister Imran khan, according to sources, Imran khan has been given two options. That is, he can resign on his own before November 20th, or the opposition can bring about an internal change in parliament. Sources said Imran khan is leaving in both cases, and in the coming week, the ruling Pakistan tariqa insaf will lose its political allies, the Muttahida kaumi movement, and the Pakistan Muslim league.

According to sources, Parvez Katic of the PTI and Shabazz sharif of the Pakistan Muslim league are likely candidates for the position of prime minister. Imran khan’s political space has been threatened mainly for two reasons: the country’s poor economic state and prolonged protests. The tlp group, whose demands the prime minister felt compelled to accept in order to put an end to the violence for months, the group has been protesting against the Pakistani government. The protest march saw supporters clash with police which resulted in the deaths of several police officers. The group demanded the release of its party’s leader, Rizvi, who was arrested in April of this year. Saad Rizvi is the leader of the tlp group.

A far-right Pakistani Islamist political party. Rizvi’S party gained prominence in Pakistan’s 2018 elections campaigning on the single issue of defending the country’s blasphemy law, which calls for the death penalty for anyone who insults Islam, and in October 2020, when french president Emmanuel Macron tried to defend caricatures of the prophet Muhammad as freedom Of expression, Risby responded by calling for his supporters to stage an anti-France protest as part of an agreement. The Pakistani government released hundreds of top supporters last week in order to end the violent clashes. According to the report, the Pakistani army was responsible for inflaming tensions between the top and the Imran khan government. In order to put the prime minister on the back foot, sources said this was due to army chief general kama.
Javad barge was displeasure with the government for delaying lieutenant nadimanjam’s appointment.

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