India Accuses Britain Of Promoting Separatist Agenda

India has expressed severe concerns to the UK over the banned pro-Khalistan group seek for justice by holding a plebiscite on the secession of Punjab. On October 31st, national security adviser Ajit Doval made it clear to his UK colleague, Stephen Lovegrove, that the Modi government rejects equipping a small element of the Indian diaspora in the UK to have a vote on the affairs of a third country to seek for justice.

A khalistani radical organization located in the united states that are banned in India staged the first round of a so-called referendum a few weeks ago in London and was a flop. Although over 2 000 people attended, the sfj has been calling for a separate country; Khalistan British Sikhs are said to have travelled to London to vote on whether Panjab should become its own country. SJF would vote in other cities across the united kingdom, then vote in Europe, the united states and Canada.

Before travelling to India, India made it evident that there was complete peace in Panjab, with extreme seek elements failing to receive even one per cent of the vote in the five-year assembly elections. The Modi government expressed grave worry that the UK government is turning a blind eye to seek banned groups’ open radicalization of the Indian diaspora in order to advance their separatist objective. Sikh radicals have been protesting the three farm laws and punitively participating in anti-India activities in the UK, with the influence and support of the Pakistani deep state. Even though the sfj has been banned in India since 2019 and its head, gur patwan Singh panu has been declared a terrorist. The UK has permitted the us-based extremist group to hold an unlawful referendum on Indian Panjab

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