India, Russia Likely To Sign 10 Year Military Technical Agreement

A 10-year military-technical agreement between India and Russia is expected to be signed when President Vladimir Putin visits new Delhi early next month. Several major contracts could be reached during Putin’s visit, which is set to take place on December 6th. The contract may aid in the transfer of cutting-edge technologies to India until 2031. This could be highly beneficial to the defense, research, and development organization in its work on futuristic weapon systems.

The Kalashnikov deal is worth 5 200 crores. Rupees have already been discussed between India and Russia. This will entail the production of 6.01 lakh 203 assault rifles for the armed forces in Uttar Pradesh. At the summit, the two sides are expected to finalize several agreements in defense, trade and investment, and science and technology.

Another vital agreements are a memorandum of understanding set to be signed between the Indian and Russian navies. Also, negotiations for a second submarine are currently underway, and Russia has offered a third one. In 2019, India sealed a 3 billion united states dollar deal with Russia for leasing. Another nuclear-powered attack submarine for the Indian navy for a period of 10 years. Under the agreement, Russia will have to deliver the Akula class submarine to be known as chakra 3 to the Indian navy by 2025 ins chakra in a more astonishing class vessel that was taken on lease from Russia in 2012.

It was the second nuclear-powered attack submarine that India had taken on lease from the country. The submarine had made its way back to Russia. The first nuclear-powered submarine, also called a chakra, was taken in 1988 under a three-year lease from the then soviet union. Another agreement between India and Russia, the reciprocal exchange of logistics, agreement or re-loss, is ready to be signed. It will allow India and Russia to use each other’s naval and air bases to repair and replenish supplies without having to go through too many hopes.

India has similar treaties with other countries, including the united states, while Putin and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi will meet for the first time since 2019. On the other hand, defense minister rajnath Singh and external affairs minister s, j Shankar, will interact with foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and defense minister Sergey shoigu. Russia has been a reliable partner for India for many years and is an important pillar of India’s foreign policy. The two-plus-two dialogue is expected to strengthen the two countries: strategic partnership even further. Only three other countries have had two-plus two meetings with India, the united states of America, Australia, and japan.
A meeting with the united states is also scheduled and will most likely take place in Washington, dc.

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