Indonesia Is Looking To India For Defence Technologies To Help Improve Its Security Forces

In the face of Chinese expansionist tendencies in the region, southeast Asia’s largest country, Indonesia, has sought defense technology from India to strengthen its security apparatus. According to the economic times, the country is looking into joint defense production with India and is considering the possibility of producing military vehicles and water cannons together. The proposed initiatives are being planned on Indonesian soil for the country to gain defense technology skills. When India’s deputy national security adviser pankid saran visited Jakarta last week to meet Indonesian defense minister prabhavo subianto and key presidential aides, including presidential chief of staff h moyodoko, they talked about the top priorities of expanding the defense partnership and joint defense production. Saran’S meetings included discussions on counter-terrorism and radicalization, and the chief of staff, h moildoco, said in his meeting with saran that Indonesia and India share several common interests, including those in the defense sector.

Also, the Indonesian defense minister, prabhavo subianto, had gone to the Indian embassy in Jakarta to sign the condolence book following the death of general Bipin Rawat in a helicopter crash last week, India and Indonesia, which is also locked in a maritime dispute with china in the contentious South china sea have decided to expand their strategic and defense cooperation in a wide range of areas, even though Indonesia does not have a claim to the south china sea Jakarta is wary of Beijing’s growing ambitions in the region in the defense sector. Jakarta and New Delhi are expected to focus on technology transfer and developing local manufacturing industries in the Indian Ocean region.

India and Indonesia, too, have decided to expand their maritime cooperation and partnership. Also, the Indian companies intend to construct ports in Indonesia during pm. Modi’s visit to Indonesia in 2018, the two countries signed a new defense cooperation agreement. In the same year, both countries held their first Indonesia, India, security dialogue, iisd1 in new Delhi and the second security dialogue can take place soon.

In may 2018, India and Indonesia established a comprehensive strategic partnership. The adoption of the shared vision on maritime cooperation in the indo-pacific, which aimed to increase maritime cooperation, was one of the main takeaways

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