Kyiv Is Safer Than “Crime Ridden” American Cities

Ukraine’S president Vladimir Zelensky feels Kyiv is safer than crime-ridden American cities on Sunday. Because of the possibility of a Russian invasion, the u.s state department ordered diplomats, families, and non-emergency personnel to leave if they so desired. As Moscow massed over 100 000 troops near Ukraine’s borders, Ukraine’s government has slammed the decision as premature and overly cautious. The united kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany have subsequently followed suit in various versions.

However, the bulk of European nations has stated that such a step is not needed at this time. Many Ukrainian officials are said to be enraged by the Biden administration’s directives to evacuate ambassadors, families, and authority to enable u.s government personnel to leave freely. According to reports, Ukraine’s president regards the u.s embassy’s decision as utterly ludicrous.
According to a source close to Ukrainian president Volodymyr, Zelensky Zielinski doesn’t think there’s any reasonably imminent threat to Kyiv. The person said the fact that the united states were the first to announce this withdrawal is quite disheartening because, quite simply, these Americans are safer in Kyiv than they are in Los Angeles or any other crime-ridden city in the united states. The source also stated, on the one hand, Washington advises Ukraine on how to democratize and that the US will stand with Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. Then Russia raises the heat, and they are the first to go. White House press secretary Jen sarki told reporters at her daily briefing on Monday that Americans in the city must leave immediately as a mass evacuation, like the one seen in Kabul last summer, is not an option.

In a press conference on Monday afternoon, the state department spokesman, John Kirby, emphasized the gravity of the situation, telling reporters that thousands of u.s troops are on high alert on Tuesday. Gary Kasparov slammed president joe Biden over the Russia-Ukraine situation, saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin detected American weakness during an appearance on msnbc’s Jose das ballot reports. Das ballet stated that Russia is threatening to invade Ukraine because Biden is in a weak position at home and that European countries all have their own internal political problems, and thus this is Putin thinking. This is a good time to strike.

Kasparov agreed with das ballot, and he thinks Putin sent the American weakness. Yes, I think Putin sends the American weakness meeting Biden in geneva because instead of uh aiding Ukraine and making it very clear that the uh cost of the aggression – yes, Ukraine would be too high. Biden and his administration made a terrible mistake by entering this negotiation. That convinced Putin that he could go away with no sanctions but basically leap service. He added Putin would do whatever he could to get away with it, and if the cost was too great, he would not cross the Ukrainian border, and now the cost is constantly increasing. Him, he still feels he can get away because the latest crisis exposes the depths of European corruption.

Kasparov went on to criticize Germany’s reliance on Russia, particularly in the area of natural gas. Europe imports around one-third of its gas supplies from Russia. He said you

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