Pakistan is resurrecting old anti India hate campaigns to promote extremism

For decades, Pakistan’s security apparatus has funded jihadi and kalistani groups that have targeted India and are now once again following its old strategy because worried Pakistan is not perceiving India’s stability. According to the Hudson institute’s report, Pakistan is renewing its earlier efforts to spread hatred, break communal harmony and promote extremism in India, as Islamabad has been backing jihadi activities against India in order to destabilize the country’s peace. The resumption of such activity will worry the American and Indian national security apparatuses, and the recent arrests in Germany demonstrate Islamabad’s assistance in the growth of terrorism in India. Last December, Jaswinder Singh Multani, a close associate of SFJ founder gurpatwan Singh panu, was arrested in Germany by german authorities for allegedly masterminding an explosion at the Ludhiana court. According to the report, officials in the Asian nation blamed the attack on Sikh separatists operating in Europe and said Multani was the mastermind.

According to authorities, Multani has contacts with Pakistan and has been implicated in smuggling weaponry and ammunition over the border into Panjab authorities. Had previously accused him of arranging and transferring weapons, consignments containing explosives, hand grenades and handguns from across the border with the assistance of Pakistan-based operators. According to the report, sfj has also submitted public letters to Pakistan’s prime minister and the presidents of Russia and China, requesting their help against India over the years. The issue of Khalistan may appear to many to be an entirely internal matter of India, but the present rise of anti-India activities within the u.s by Khalistan separatism highlights the need for law enforcement.

Western countries should remain vigilant in the face of Pakistan-backed extremist organizations. The institute also stated that the actions of kalistani groups in North America should be investigated within the bounds of the law in order to prevent a recurrence of the bloodshed engineered by the Khalistan movement.

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