Russia And India Negotiating Upgrade Of T 90S Bhishma MBT

Russia and India are in talks about upgrading the t-90s Bhishma main battle tanks. The t-90s is the latest development in the t-series of Russian tanks and offers an increase in firepower, mobility and protection. It is manufactured by euralva gonzavad in Nizhny tagle, Russia, the chief executive officer of the Russian arms export agency, alexander mikayev, told at the army 2021 international military-technical forum. That rossoboro on export is ready to look into the supply of the modernized t90 ms tanks to India, but the Indian side has not applied to rossiboro on export for deliveries of t90. Ms tanks, however, rossobor on export, confirm readiness to consider any request if they receive one Rosoboronexport is currently conducting final tests, after which a decision will be made on whether to install the upgraded systems on the main battle tanks.

The t90s bishma is an improved variant of the t90s developed in collaboration between Russia and France. The tanks have french Thales built, Catherine FC thermal sights and Russian contact 5 k5 explosive reactive armor plates. In addition to the basic armor contact, five era incorporates laminated plates and ceramic layers with exceptional tensile properties. The new welded turrets, which were first developed for the t90s bishma, provide better armor protection than the earlier cast turrets. In 2001, India bought 310 t90s tanks from Russia.

124 of which was sent fully completed and 186 of which were to be assembled from kits shipped in various levels of completion. To shift manufacturing to domestic methods. The t90 was chosen because it is a direct development of the t-72 which India already produces and shares 60 of its parts with the t90, making training and maintenance easier. India opted to acquire the t90 in response to numerous delays in the production of its own domestically developed, Arjun, main battle tank and to counter Pakistani deployment of the Ukrainian-made t-80 tanks.

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