Russia Developing Single Engine Stealth Fighter To Match US

Russia’S sukhoi began work on the creation of a tactical single engine, 5th generation fighter jet, which will be built using stealth technologies and su-57 platform. The plane’s maximum speed will be above 2 mac with the takeoff weight of up to 18 tons. It will also have super maneuverability and improved takeoff and landing performance thanks to a thrust vector control engine, the plane’s thrust to weight ratio will be above. One thrust to weight ratio is the amount of thrust produced by an engine relative to the weight of the aircraft. Carrying it, including the weight of the engine itself, a high thrust to weight ratio, confers significant advantages in aerial combat and also helps in evading surface-launched anti-aircraft missiles.

It is planned to widely use the groundwork developed in the framework of the creation of the su-57, including the state-of-the-art product, 30 engine radio, absorbing coatings on board, radio, electronic equipment and a weapon system. To date, all fighters made in russia, including the state of the art, su-57, are equipped with double engines. Sukhoi design bureau on its own initiative is conducting research work to create a light multi-purpose single-engine fighter jet of the fifth generation in 2018, sergey chemisov chief executive officer of rostec said that russia was open to developing a new single-engine aircraft with india. He said both mig and sukhoi are used by the indian air force if india wants to develop its own one-engine aircraft, and if india is interested in international cooperation to develop this aircraft, russia and rostec will be open to cooperation as it was done in the past. With other russian indian projects, russia has been lagging the us in development of stealth fighters.

For decades, the us inducted its first dedicated stealth air superiority fighter the f-22 almost two decades ago. The us has not only inducted its first single-engine stealth fighter the f-35, but has also exported the aircraft to numerous allies. Currently, single engine fighters are widely used in the world. The most famous and most demanded of them on the world arms market are the american f-16 and f-35 fighters. The presence of only one engine significantly reduces the cost and labor intensity of aircraft production and also simplifies and reduces the cost of its operation and maintenance.