💡 Indian Economy and issues relating to Planning, Mobilization of Resources, Growth, Development and Employment.

💡 Inclusive Growth and issues arising from it.

💡 Government Budgeting.

💡 Major Crops – Cropping Patterns in various parts of the country, – Different Types of Irrigation and Irrigation Systems; Storage, Transport and Marketing of Agricultural Produce and Issues and Related Constraints; E-technology in the aid of farmers.

💡 Issues related to Direct and Indirect Farm Subsidies and Minimum Support Prices; Public Distribution System – Objectives, Functioning, Limitations, Revamping; Issues of Buffer Stocks and Food Security; Technology Missions; Economics of Animal-Rearing.

💡 Food Processing and Related Industries in India- Scope’ and Significance, Location, Upstream and Downstream Requirements, Supply Chain Management.

💡 Land Reforms in India.

💡 Effects of Liberalization on the Economy, Changes in Industrial Policy and their Effects on Industrial Growth.

💡 Infrastructure: Energy, Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways etc.

💡 Investment Models.