China Predicts QUAD & AUKUS Will ​Doomed To Fail

China Predicts QUAD & AUKUS Will ​Doomed To Fail 1

After the first summit of the quad on Friday, China has once again expressed its displeasure, claiming that this group is sure to fail. This is the first summit with the personal presence of prime minister Narendra Modi, Australian prime minister Scott Morrison and Japanese prime minister Yoshihide sugar, who attended the inaugural quad meeting … Read more

After Aukus..What Is India’s Option To Counter China?

After Aukus..What Is India's Option To Counter China? 2

China’S ascent and the misgivings it has sparked in Asia and the west now have prompted a cohesive reaction in the indo-pacific region. As we all know, the new trilateral military alliance orcas were introduced to the world, which consists of an English-speaking club of democracies. This characteristic can potentially provide additional clarity and impact … Read more