Tejas Could Win The Malaysian Fighter Jet Tender

Malaysia’S air force urgently needs new and modern combat aircraft, and its ageing fighter fleet needs upgrades. According to Malaysian air force. Chief general affendi buying said 40 per cent of the country’s combat fleet, which includes British American and Russian planes need urgent upgrades. As a result, the country issued a global tender to buy a wide range of aircraft, including fighter trainers and medium-range combat aircraft. The Royal Malaysian air force plans to order a specific number of combat jets in two stages to cover operational and combat requirement shortfalls, along with India’s multi-role LCA Tejas, the Swedish Gripen Pakistan’s Chinese-made jf-17 jet and the south Korean f-50 are among the aircraft in the running.

According to the article fa-50 and tedges emerged as the top contenders in the contest. Which of the two aircraft could emerge winners in Malaysia fa-50? The fa-50 is a light combat aircraft manufactured by Korea aerospace industries for the republic of Korea, air force. It is a light combat version of kai t-50 golden eagle, a supersonic, advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft. The indigenously developed ki, fa-50, light attack aircraft replaced the republic of Korea, air forces, aging fighter fleet of f5e and a37 aircraft. The fa-50 also strengthens the defense capability of the republic of Korea, air force, the fa-50 measures 13.

4 meters in length, 9.45 meters in width and 4.82 meters in height. The empty weight of the aircraft is 6.47 ton.

It can take off with a maximum gross weight of 12

3 tonne and its top speed is 1838 kilometers per hour. March 1.5 lca tedges during its 2019 air show participation in Malaysia attracted the attentions of the then Malaysian prime minister, Mahathir Mohammad, where he first saw the aircraft’s cockpit and was pleased by its technology and design. India and Malaysia have similar operational needs and weapon types with both countries using considerable Russian and nato systems in terms of military policy and defense technology. The two countries are almost identical and if it chooses tedges, it will provide Malaysia an advantage which can handle both Russian and western weapon systems.

With both countries operating a mix of fighter aircraft from both blocks. It will be difficult for the Malaysian air force to overlook Tejas, especially because India is claimed to be selling the latest version of mk1a, which includes contemporary aesa radar, updated avionics and the capacity to integrate a range of weaponry. The fighter also has a self-protection, jammer radar warning receiver and external ECM pod, as well as improved manoeuvrability aerodynamics maintainability and pilot survivability Tejas measures, 13.2 meters, its wingspan, is 8.2 meters and 4.

meters in height. The empty weight of the aircraft is 6560 kilograms and it can take off with a maximum weight of 13 500 kilograms, Tejas payload capacity, 5

3 tons and its top speed is 2205 kilometers per hour mach 1.6. To sweeten the deal, India has agreed to build a maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Malaysia to assure the aircraft’s high availability experts believe at approximately 42 million dollars per unit. Tejas is an economical choice for royal Malaysian air force because it adds a wide variety of modern capabilities to a multi-role fighter and has an operational edge in many ways.

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