What China told the world were essentially bogus stories

According to a story released in an Australian publication. The skirmish between Indian and Chinese troops at galwan in eastern Ladakh in June 2020 resulted in the deaths of at least 38 people’s liberation army soldiers. The Galwan valley is located in the eastern section of Kashmir in the western Himalayas on the ill-defined India-china boundary India confirmed 20 of its soldiers were killed in the 2020 fight, which was conducted in hand-to-hand warfare in sub-zero conditions on the night of June 15 and 16. China has always refused to reveal the overall number of fatalities.

The Indian government has implemented large-scale boycotts, notably of Chinese mobile phone apps, as a result of the clash and its aftermath, which has been virtually totally ignored by the Chinese state media. However, Beijing declared in February of last year, eight months after the violent conflict that four of its troops who died had received posthumous medals. China also claimed that the galwan valley combat resulted in significant Chinese deaths is not new. However, the information presented by a group of social media researchers which klaxon has independently verified appears to back up reports that china’s fatalities were far larger than the four troops stated by Beijing. It also demonstrates the extremes to which Beijing has gone to the quiet debate over the incident, particularly the debate over the exact number of Chinese deaths.

According to the findings of the galwan decoded investigation, which was published in the Australian daily, the klaxon said that Chinese soldiers panicked into retreat when their injured leader departed, the battlefield, and two of their colleagues were killed. According to the claxon, India’s colonel Santosh babu and his forces went to the disputed territory on June 15 to try to remove the Chinese encroachment where the people’s liberation army, colonel chief abbao, and around 150 soldiers were present. However, instead of resolving the problem along the lines of the mutual accord reached on June 6, 2021 chief fabliau directed his forces to create a battle formation, colonel fabao, assaulted, the Indian forces and two other pla officers battalion commander, then hong jun and soldier. Chen xiangrong launched a physical fight with the Indian troops using steel pipes, sticks, and stones to allow him to flee. Colonel fabao was struck in the head by an Indian army soldier and rushed back with significant injuries on security considerations.

The academics who worked on the article for a year, based on first-hand testimonies from deleted Chinese social media accounts, have declined to be named. According to the report, the majority of the Chinese forces were swept away in the galwan river during the intervening night of June 15 and 16.

According to the investigation, Beijing, not only concealed a lot of information about what transpired, and what led to the clash but also exaggerated the number of deaths on its side. What china told the world were essentially bogus stories. Although Chinese officials have removed many blogs and websites, digital archives from mainland china reflect a different scenario.

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