What Is India Israel-Dual Use Technology

On Tuesday, India and Israel signed an agreement for the development of dual-use technologies in the defense sector. On November 9, 2021, India’s DRDO and the directorate of defense research and development of Israel signed a bilateral innovation agreement. The agreement was signed between the chairman of DRDO, dr g Sathish, reddy and head of ddrnd brigadier general, dr daniel gold in new Delhi, the development efforts are funded collaboratively by india’s DRDO and israel’s ddrnd. According to the Indian defense ministry, it is a tangible demonstration of growing indo-Israeli technological cooperation. India is israel’s third largest Asian partner and seventh-largest global partner.
Bilateral trade between the two countries is estimated to be around five billion dollars annually, with defense trade estimated to be around one billion dollars annually. Precious stones, machinery, chemicals, electronics and food products are among india’s major exports to Israel. Israel’s major exports to India include defense and transportation equipment, chemicals, machinery and precious stones. What is dual use technology? The strategy of dual use technology represents a new way of doing business.
The term dual use technology refers to technology that can be used for both peaceful and military purposes. It can also refer to any technology that can achieve multiple goals simultaneously and will reduce the time it takes to develop a weapon system and increase the rate at which technological advances are incorporated into new military systems. This goal can be achieved by introducing a continuous stream of updated technology from the commercial sector during development production. Deployment phases also reducing the cost of acquiring cutting-edge technology under the bia, Indian and Israeli startups and industries will collaborate to innovate and develop next-generation technologies And products according to the ministry of defense, both countries will collaborate in robotics, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, photonics drones and biosensing. India and Israel will also collaborate on projects involving brain-machine interface, energy storage, wearable devices and natural language processing objective of the agreement. The bilateral innovation agreement between India and Israel aims to promote innovation and accelerated r d in startups and micro, small and medium enterprises in both countries.
In order to develop dual use technologies, the technologies developed under the bilateral innovation agreement will be available to both countries for domestic use. According to a press release issued by the defense ministry, the products and technologies will be customized to meet the specific needs of both India and Israel. To enhance bilateral defense. Cooperation between both the countries and formulation of a task force was also announced last month during the 15th joint working group meeting in tel Aviv, a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, and the meeting was co-chaired by Indian defense, secretary r.j Kumar and amir eshel director general of Israel’s defense ministry, the joint working group, serves as the apex body of both countries, defense ministries, reviewing and guiding all aspects of cooperation in this sector.
The two sides had discussed the progress made in military engagements, such as exercises and industry cooperation.

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