What Is ISRO’s ‘Solar Power Calculator’ That Is To Be Offered To The World

The indian space research organisation has developed a system for locating the ideal locations for future solar power producing farms all over the world. Isro’S chairman dr k, sivan said it was a technology demonstration proposal that was made using data from earth observation satellites. The data was collected from india’s state-run space agency’s own earth observation satellites, which are constantly monitoring the world from geostationary orbit. 36 000 kilometers above the equator. Prime minister narendra modi declared on tuesday at the cop26 global climate meeting in glasgow that india’s space agency isro will soon provide the world a solar power calculator which will use satellite data to calculate the solar energy potential of any and every region on the planet.

The space application center of the indian space research organisation in ahmedabad has created an android app called solar calculator for calculating the solar energy potential of any place. The isro solar calculator app, which was developed at the request of the union ministry of new and renewable energy, is a very handy tool for installing photovoltaic pv solar panels, which are used to tap solar energy. According to the agency, the solar calculator app from isro calculates monthly and annual solar potential in kilowatt hours per square meter, as well as lowest and maximum temperatures at every location. The solar calculator app also shows the position of a location on a satellite image, as well as the length of the day there at various times of the year, as well as lowest and maximum temperatures to determine realistic solar potential according to sivan the technology underlying it Has been proved, but more work is needed before it became widely available across the globe.

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