Why Is Pakistan Returning Chinese Made Attack Drones

China still needs to meet numerous commitments on several issues, whatever it promised to its trading partners. It was never meant to keep those commitments and china’s proxy; Pakistan always had the first taste of it. China is constantly giving military might to Pakistan. However, the items given to Pakistan are either very old or garbage. In January this year, china gave Pakistan wing lung to an unmanned combat aerial vehicle that Pakistan had deployed on Balochistan and India-Pakistan border, whose job was to attack pinpoints by carrying large missiles, and Pakistan’s goal was to carry out a target operation in Balochistan, similar to the US.

And create a haven for insurgents while attacking India’s forward border post, but within six months,, they malfunctioned. When Pakistan launched the Chinese drones on an operational mission, they were damaged in the middle and are now lying on the ground. According to reports, these drones were to be deployed in Pakistan’s air force bases in Myanmar, Rafiki,, and manhattan, as well as in Balochistan. Still, there are complaints about engine failure and GPS failure in all these unmanned combat aerial vehicles. This is the reason why they have not been operational yet, therefore, in July 2021, Pakistan sent all of these drones back to china for repair china; on the other hand, they did not repair them and returned them to Pakistan.

According to china. This is its best attack. A drone that can carry a load of 400 kilograms, its maximum speed is 370 kilometers per hour. Apart from this, it can fly continuously for 20 to 30 hours. It has been said that drones can also be linked with satellites.

Chinese state media claimed that the lung two armed drones would be a nightmare for Indian ground formations in high altitude zones because India’s military lacks the capability to respond to modern standoff weapons. But unfortunately, the drones malfunctioned only after six months, and now, you are lying on the ground.

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